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My name is J. D. Dexter. I write a little bit of everything. I'm also an avid reader of PNR/UF, Futuristic Police Procedurals, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.

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Fighting Midnight: Ankarrah Chronicles Book Two

Destiny loves to screw you over.

When Finley Tindol’s parents are slaughtered, her life descends into a chaotic mess of bad decisions and worse regrets. She finds herself a pawn in a five-hundred-year-old prophecy.

The prophecy is long on glorious endings and short on how to achieve them. She must kill her biological mother. Which wouldn’t be too bad, except she’s not allowed to confront her mother on familiar ground. If she does, she will set off a chain of events that will collapse two worlds.

As Finley learns to fight with her body and her mind, she's pushed to limits designed to break her spirit. Her loved ones are used for bait and punishment, until one day she realizes that the rules only favor her enemy.

But saving her family comes at a cost, and Finley must choose: avenge the deaths of her parents, or save the world from eternal darkness.

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Meeting Midnight: Ankarrah Chronicles Book One

For the last twenty-five years, muscular dysfunction expert Finley Tindol has been hiding her supernatural abilities from everyone—or so she thought. Saving someone she loves puts her in the crosshairs of shadow government agencies and assassins. Now everyone in her life is at risk, especially Dr. Hunter Jamison, the sauve and stylish trauma surgeon who put her back together.

To keep her loved ones safe, Finley’s determined to live her life quietly. Only her goal to exist under the radar is shattered when she’s kidnapped and transported to another world—Ankarrah. Amid the horror of getting back to her own world, Finley’s sucked into a war she knows nothing about but is determined to win.

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